6-Week Online Womb Sciences Immersion 

Do you feel misunderstood and sidelined by health practices that tell you pain, numbness and disconnection is normal?

Do you want to understand the inner-workings of your sacred feminine anatomy but don’t know where to start?

Do you long to find connection to not only your body but also a community of like-minded people?

If so, I want you to know you’re in the right place.

It’s my sole mission to give you all the tools you need to break away from patriarchal practices that just don’t work so that you can unleash your anatomy, energy and intuitive power of your womb.

In this online immersion, I’ll bridge the gap between science and the sacred, and give you an education that is grounded, holistic and feminine focused.
It’s time for you to reclaim the instinctual power that rests within you and finally unlock your radiant, expansive potential.

A 6-Week Immersion Into Your Body
Reconnecting You To Your Most Powerful Space
We’ve been told that it’s normal to dread our periods, that menstruation is something we MUST endure and that any chronic symptoms you might face are just your bad luck.

But, this is not true - it’s just the patriarchal medical system doesn’t want you to know how to heal yourself and reclaim your power.

They don’t benefit from you breaking free from your shackles and rising up against oppression.

But Womben Wellness is different.

We WANT you to have a direct experience of the wisdom that pulses within so you can cultivate a relationship with your body on your OWN terms.
In our signature 6-week Womb Sciences Immersion I’ll take your hand and guide you step-by-step down that path. So that you can find the answers from within, heal yourself, feel connected, alive and finally fulfil your highest potential.

Meet Your Facilitator
After years of being told how I should feel towards my body, how I should treat it and what medications I should be taking, I was left disconnected, shamed and trapped in a system that was not serving me.

So I decided enough was enough.

I was ready to find another way to live in harmony with my womb, to find the power that is held within my body and to embrace a truly feminine and holistic way of living.

I immersed myself in holistic nutrition for the female hormone system, I apprenticed with midwives and medicine women, and sat with yogic masters.

I went on a crazy, wild, insanely powerful journey to find the teachings, practices, and wisdom that I share with you today.

Because as soon as I reconnected with my womb, I reclaimed my power.

And I’m not the only one to hold that power, you do too. You just need to be guided so you can find it too.

This online immersion is for you if…
  • ​You’re ready to stop forcing yourself into a masculine version of ‘success’ and finally tap back into your soft, fluid, and feminine power
  • You’ve been asking questions about womb health, fertility, and embodiment for months (maybe even years) and you’re finally ready to receive answers beyond just ‘take this pill and this medication’
  • ​You’ve been experiencing a sense of pain, numbness, or disconnection 
  • ​You’re ready to awaken pleasure and connect to your sexuality to experience full-bodied mind-blowing orgasms
  • ​​​You experience painful menstruation or recurring imbalances like yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, PCOS or endometriosis
  • ​You want to connect with a global community of women dedicated to this work
... AND are ready to take full responsibility for your health and reclaim your power.

Here's What You'll Learn
Let’s break it all down…
week 1: ancestry
Discover how ancestral joys and traumas are IMPRINTED in your physical body and the tools to release them.
Week 2: Anatomy
Become an expert on pelvic anatomy and the biology of female sensual arousal so you can take the power back into your own hands and live a life full of PLEASURE.
Week 3: Energetics
Explore ancient and grounded ways to expand the field of your life force and align with your RADIANT potential.
Week 4: Menstruation
Learn the secrets behind nutrition, lifestyle, and ritual that actually BALANCE your hormones naturally for a pain-free period.
Week 5: Imbalances
Identity, prevent, and HEAL the chronic imbalances like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis with accessible and proven holistic techniques.
Week 6: Integration
Assimilate, integrate, and LIVE this wisdom so you walk away fully transformed, from the inside out.
And this is just the beginning…
All the answers you seek are inside of you. It’s time you were led towards them.

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…
You Can Unlock Yoga Alliance Education Credits Too!
Yoga Professionals registered with the Yoga Alliance will be able to credit 15 hours of mandatory Continuing Education requirements after completing the Womb Sciences Immersion.

Yep, that's half of your bi-annual requirements for Continuing Education!

Here's What's Included
  • ​Lifetime Access to the Womb Sciences Immersion Content
  • ​ ​24/7 Access To Full-Length Embodiment Practices
  • ​Downloadable Weekly Integration Exercises
  • ​Access to the Womben Wellness Support Community
  • ​​​BONUS: Remembering HERstory Masterclass
  • ​​BONUS: Sensual Anatomy Masterclass
  • ​​BONUS: Healing Chronic Imbalance Masterclass
  • ​A 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions
HOw much time would this immersion take per week?
With the lectures, embodiment practices and integration exercises, the immersion would take up about 4-5 hours per week to complete.
How much is the 6-week immersion?
The Womb Sciences Online Immersion is now available for a promotional price of a ONE-TIME payment of $297 or TWO MONTHLY installments of $167.
what time does the immersion begin?
The entire immersion is hosted ONLINE, so you will be able to complete the lectures, embodiment practices and integration exercises on your own time. You will be able to access the course content and Support Community  24/7.
what happens if i cannot complete the online immersion in six weeks?
Once you enroll, you will have have LIFETIME access to the course content. This will allow you to progress in the immersion at your own pace and revisit any content for reference in the future.
what is your refund policy?
We have a 7-day refund policy from the date of your payment. All refunds are to be requested via email, at support@wombenwellness.com. Any other forms of refund requests will not be valid.
i have a question that isn't addressed.
You'll be able to reach out to the team anytime by emailing support@wombenwellness.com

To Remind You…
You’ll be getting all of this!
  • ​Lifetime Access to the Online Womb Sciences Immersion Content
  • ​ ​24/7 Access To Real and Grounded Embodiment Practices
  • ​Downloadable Weekly Integration Exercises
  • ​Access to the Womben Wellness Support Community
  • ​​​BONUS: Remembering HERstory Masterclass
  • ​​BONUS: Sensual Anatomy Masterclass
  • ​​BONUS: Healing Chronic Imbalance Masterclass
  • ​A 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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